One-way car hire

Pick up here, drop off there
One-way car hire is a great option if you need to return the car at a different place than where you picked it up. It is becoming an increasingly popular option, especially in the U.S, and is a great way of experiencing more and driving less!

Cost of one-way car hire

Usually, there is an extra charge for one-way car hire – a one-way fee. The fee will usually be higher the further away the car is to be returned. Prices also vary between different car hire companies and countries.

If you book your car rental through us, you can see the size of the one-way fee in step four of five in the booking process (at the bottom of the page). In some cases, the price is controlled manually and you will, instead, receive an e-mail with the price and a request to accept the booking. Some countries and car rental offices have no one-way fees. Whether or not this is the case can usually be seen under the price when you search for the rental car.

In the U.S., where one-way car hire is very common, there are several options free of one-way fees between popular cities. A popular example is Las VegasLos Angeles.

Search and book one-way car hire

Searching for cars and one-way car hire is very easy if you use our car hire search engine, which searches through a large number of car rental firms.

International one-way hire

If you’re going to be crossing borders, international one-way car hire is an option. This is common in places like Europe and between the United States and Canada. The prices for international one-way car hire are generally very high, and, therefore, we do not recommend it. Returning the car before leaving the country and renting a new car in the other country is usually a cheaper option.

Multi-flight – flying out to one city and returning home from another

With today’s flight searches, finding multi-city options (open-jaw) has become easier than ever. This means that the city you arrive to is not the city you return home from. These flight tickets can often be found without extra charge.