Cheap car hire

Most people who rent a car want it to be as cheap as possible but still high quality. The best way to find these cheap rental cars is to use a search engine that searches through all the major car rental firms. This will make it easy to find a rental car at lowest possible price. Our search engine searches all car rental companies worldwide including insurance.

The cheapest rental cars

When renting a car, one of the cheapest cars in the search results will usually suffice, depending on the amount of people and luggage. In some countries, however, these cheap cars are very small, so you might want to consider going up a category or two. The cheapest countries for car hire are often the countries around the Mediterranean, for example Spain, Italy and Croatia.


The car rental companies that offer the cheapest rental cars sometimes have a high excess. They usually offer excess reduction on site for a high price. It is therefore important to either book your car with a credit card that has excess insurance, buy an affordable supplementary travel insurance or get full cover when booking. In some countries, such as the United States, the excess is always £0.

Cheap and old rental cars

We work only with big and reputable companies, all of which have only high quality cars, usually no more than a few years old. In some places, however, especially in developing countries, there are often local firms that rent out older cars. The problem with these cars is that the risk of car trouble is higher. Even if it’s not your fault, there is a risk of you having to pay for the errors. The second and more important thing is that insurance for these cars is not always the best. It is often very difficult to determine this when you receive a document of a couple of pages, sometimes in a language you don’t understand. Because of this, we recommend that you be careful with unknown, smaller car rental companies.

Cheap rental cars on foreign web sites

Cheaper rental cars can sometimes be found on foreign and local web sites, even those of well-known companies. Keep in mind that bookings with these companies don’t include proper insurance and you’ll have to add it on site. We have heard and seen a few examples of people having found a cheaper rental car online, but realized upon arrival that nothing is included and had to pay more for the insurance than the cost of the car.

Cheap isn’t always better

In conclusion, the cheapest rental car is not always the best option if the conditions are not good. Be aware of the risk of having to pay a high price and other problems. If you book through us, we always include necessary insurance. If you are looking to rent a cheap car with good conditions, you’ve found the right place! Also, try to book your rental car well in advance to get the best price.