Different car rental categories

When you book a rental car, you often get suggestions of different car rental categories. The model shown in the search results is usually an example of a car from that particular car rental category. Remember that the car you get at pick-up should be an equal or better car! The number of categories and the cars that are included in the categories varies slightly between different countries. When searching, you always get more information about the different options such as the number of seats, doors, and how many pieces of luggage that you should be able to fit.

Choose the right category when booking

It is, for a number of reasons, important to choose the right car rental category from start. Small car rental companies will reserve a specific car for you and a different car might not always be available. Moreover, upgrading the category upon arrival is much more expensive than choosing a larger car when booking. The salesman at the pick-up location will also usually try to sell you a larger car by offering different deals that may sound cheap. Below you’ll find a list of common car rental categories.


Economy is usually the cheapest car. The types of cars will vary between different countries and places, but it’s best to assume that you’ll get a small car for up to 4 people. In the south of Europe, these are usually two-door cars.


Compact is often a better option than economy. This category is rarely expensive and you won’t have to worry about getting one of the smallest cars.


Intermediate is usually similar to the standard category, but slightly smaller. It can somestimes be difficult to see the difference.


Standard is normally a quite big car suitable for 5 people. These cars are typically saloons (sedans) and therefore do not have unlimited luggage space.


Full-size is, as the name suggests, a full size car, usually able to fit 5 people comfortably. You should, however, keep in mind that the baggage space for full-size is not always the same in different countries and can also depend on the car model. Remember to check the specific information about this when you book.


SUV’s are not always available, especially in smaller places in Europe. In the U.S., however, the range of SUV’s is wide. We mostly recommend SUV’s for longer road trips where you need the luggage space. These cars are often well equipped and comfortable.


Prices for renting a convertible vary a lot between different countries. In the U.S., this is often a very affordable option, with the cheapest model usually being a Ford Mustang. These cars are often powerful and fun to drive. The disadvantages are that they are a little noisier and have less luggage space.


Premium cars are very high class. The size of a premium car will vary so please read the information in the car rental search result.


With luxury you get just that – a luxurious and well equipped car.


A regular minibus has 7 seats. In some places, there are sometimes larger cars but these will often be more expensive than getting an extra car. You’ll be able to see what’s on offer in the search result. Many of the cars in the minibus category (especially in the U.S.) consist of 4 solid chairs with arm rests and a normal backseat. This can be a very good option, even for a smaller group of about 4-5 people.