Car brands for car hire

In the search results, you’ll often find car brand descriptions like “Ford Ficus or similar”. This means that different car rental categories when hiring a car, and not specific car brands. Learn more about the different car rental categories here. We work only with the major car rental companies, all of which have cars of high quality. There is no need to worry about which brand you will be offered. Below you can read about which brands are the most common in different countries. If you pick your car up at a bigger car rental centre, you might get the luxury of choosing the car and brand.


The American car brands are often the ones offered when renting a car in the U.S., although larger brands like Nissan and Toyota are also common. The most common rental cars in the U.S. is Ford, Chrysler and Dodge.



Among others, Fiat is a common brand in Spain.


In France, the major French car brands are most frequently offered: Peugeot, Citroen och Renault.


Volkswagen is the most common brand in Germany, but other brands are also common.