Car hire in Malmö

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Car hire in Malmö

On this page you’ll get tips and advice on hiring a car in Malmö, and the cheapest rental cars at guaranteed lowest price. If this is your first time renting a car in Sweden, read our general tips on car hire in the country via the link below.

Driving and renting a car in Malmö

Malmö is ideal for road trips; from the city you can easily get to many different places in the area. You can even get around most of the Scania region in a day. There’s loads to see and do in the area,  and with the Oresund Bridge so near, you could also pop by Denmark. Car hire is available at several locations in Malmö. There are many car rental firms within walking distance from Malmö Central Station as well as at Sturup Airport.

Car hire locations in Malmö

  • Malmö Central Station – There are several car rental firms near Malmö Central Station. You can find six offices within walking distance on Stormgatan, Jörgen Kocksgatan and Utställningsgatan. Getting from the station to the different parts of Malmö as well as out of the city and onto other places in the area is smooth and easy.
  • Central Malmö – If you are in the central parts of Malmö, it’s easiest to rent a car at the central station. However, car hire is also possible close to the shopping centre Caroli. There is also a car rental firm in the west parts of the centre, near the shopping centre Kronprinsen.
  • South Malmö – In the southern part of Malmö, at Svågertorp train station, there is also a car rental firm. Renting a car by this train station is a good option for making trips to the town centre as well as to the surrounding area as it’s close to the motorway.
  • Outer Malmö – Car hire is also possible in the outer parts of Malmö. There are several car rental companies in the east part of town by Jägersro and Cypressvägen. These car rental offices are in close connection to the motorway.

Where to go around Malmö

You’ll find everything from nice beaches, cosy villages and beautiful, vast landscapes within comfortable driving distance from Malmö. Österlen on the east coast of Scania is a definite must, and there are many small gems to discover on the way there. You can also make a stop in the Bokskogen forest east of Malmö, either just to enjoy the nature or to have lunch at the Vismarlövs Café.

The lovely city of Helsingborg is just over an hour’s drive north of Malmö. Helsingborg is great for shopping, and the large shopping centre Väla is right outside the city. You can also visit Sofiero, where there is a beautiful castle complete with a garden.

Kivik, Österlen
One of the most beautiful places in Österlen is Kivik, which is about 60 miles from Malmö. The town is best known for its cider factory called Kivik Musteri. Besides the factory, you can visit the many apple orchards and several boutiques and cafés. The national park Stenshuvud is also nearby, where there are many nice footpaths with great ocean views.

The incredibly beautiful Skanör-Falsterbo lies on a peninsula half an hour’s drive south of Malmö. The area has a long and interesting history, and there are many things preserved from the Middle ages. The area is also known for its stunning scenery, long sandy beaches and clear waters.