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Car hire in Majorca

On this page, you’ll get tips and advice on hiring a car on Majorca, and the cheapest rental cars at guaranteed lowest price. If this is your first time renting a car in Spain, please read our general tips on car hire in the country via the link below.

Our car rental offices on Majorca

    • Palma – There are many car rental offices in Palma, the biggest city in Majorca. You’ll find several offices in the city’s western part. There are, for example, six offices on Avenida Gabriel Roca. Getting from these offices to the different parts of Palma as well as out of the city is smooth and easy.

      In the eastern part of Palma, there is a car rental firm on Poligoni de Levante, close to the Ma-19 (one of the major roads).

    • West Mallorca – If you are in one of the nice towns on the coast southwest of Palma, there are several car rental firms closeby. In Palmanova, there is an office on Paseo Paris, right between Palmanova and Son Matias.

      South of Palmanova, in Magaluf, there is also a car rental office on Avenida S’Olivera. This office is close to Hotel Trinidad.

      In Santa Ponsa, there are three car rental offices slightly north of the town centre. Two of the offices are on Avenida Rey Don Jaime, and the third one is on Calle Ramón de Moncada, between Santa Ponsa and Costa de la Calma.

      Car hire is also available in Paguera, which is north of Costa de la Calma. You can find an office on Avda Paguera.

    • North Mallorca – There are many places where you can rent a car on the northern coastal strip. You’ll find three car rental offices in Port d’Alcúdia: two on Avenida Nicolau Riera Marsa and one on Avenida Pedro Mas I Reus.You can also visit a number of car rental offices spread out along the Ma-12, which runs along the coast and leads south to C’an Picafort.

      Just south of Port d’Alcúdia, there is an office by Playa de Muro-Alcudia. Sligtly south of this office you’ll find yet another office by Playa de Muro.

      In C’an Picafort, there are a total of four major car rental firms. Two of them are in the northern part of the city on Ctra Alcudia-Arta. One of them is in central C’an Picafort on Calle Mendez Nunez. The last one is south of the city on Diagonal esquina Calle Bahia.

    • East Mallorca – There are a large number of car rental firms on the east coast of Majorca. In Cala Ratjada, there are three offices in the town centre on Calle Nereidas, Calle Clot Gran and Avenida Juan Carlos I.South of the east coast, in Cala Millor, there are four offices in the heart of the city, near the sea. You can find these offices on S’Estanyol, Calle Binicanella andCarrer de Ca s Hereu. South of Cala Millor there are two more cities with car rental stations: Cala Mandia och Sa Coma.

Car hire at Palma Airport

The airport on Majorca is called Palma De Mallorca (airport code: PMI) and is the third largest airport in Spain. It is located on the island’s western part, close to the main roads and only 5 miles from Palma. At the airport, you can rent and pick up a car from most major car rental firms. Some of the companies have their offices outside the airport building. Check with your car rental firm to find out if this is the case for you. It’s also possible to rent a car in certain towns in Majorca, which you can read about above.

There is a huge demand on rental cars in Majorca during the summer, so make sure to book your car well in advance. Also be careful not to say yes to extra insurances offered – these may already be included in the rental agreement or be covered by other insurances. Also note that using or talking on a mobile phone while driving in Majorca is illegal, even if you use a headset.

Where to go on Mallorca

Majorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands. Besides swimming and sunbathing, there is loads to do on the island! With a rental car, you’ll easily be able to get around and discover the many gems.

Deia is a picturesque little village in northern Majorca. The village is known as an artsy place as several famous artists and writers have lived there over the years. In recent time, it has also become a popular place among musicians. The cosy atmosphere and the many nice restaurants make Deia a perfect destination.

If you have an interest in history, Capdepera is a must. The city has one of the largest castles on the island. The impressive 15th century castle is known for its large walls that long protected the city from pirates.

La reserva Puig de Galatzo
The popular nature reserve La reserva Puig de Galatzo is on the western part of the island, by the village of Puigpunyent. There are excellent footpaths in the reserve with breathtaking scenery and views of many gorgeous waterfalls.