Car hire in Norway

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Car hire in Norway

Tips for a cheap rental car

Driving in Norway is a fantastic experience that allows you to find many of the little gems in the wonderful Norwegian landscapes. Car hire is cheapest if you book in advance. It is possible to pick up your rental car at many different locations in the country, and you’ll find several major car rental companies at the airports.


For car hire in Norway there are ceretain rules and requirements:

  • You must be at least 19 years old and have had your driving licence for a minimum of one year.
  • The age limit may vary depending on the type of car you’d like to hire.
  • If you are under 25 you might be charged extra. This will, however, depend on your chosen car rental company.

Add-ons at booking

Should you want extra equipment in the car, e.g. a GPS or a child car seat, it is recommended that you add this when booking the car. This will, in turn, facilitate the pick up of your car and ensure that the equipment is available on site.

Many of the roads in Norway are both narrow and winding, especially in the countryside and in mountainous areas. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a GPS in the car to facilitate the drive as much as possible.

Please note that by Norwegian law, children shorter than 135 centimetres must sit in an appropriate child car seat.

Driving in Norway

Driving in the Norwegian landscapes is a wonderful experience, but it is important to pay proper attention, especially on the narrower roads. Most often the roads are winding and hilly, making it hard to detect oncoming vehicles. There are also many steep hills so take care that the brakes don’t overheat when driving down such hills.
Keep in mind that the dimmed light must be switched on at all times when driving, even during the day.  The speed limits are generally as follows: 30-50 km/h (about 18 – 31 mph) in urban areas, 80-90 km/h (about 50 – 56 mph) on main roads and 100 km/h (about 62 mph) on motorways.
Speeding is heavily fined and there are many speed cameras on the roads, so pay attention to the speed limits and the speedometer. Also be aware that speed bumbs in urban areas are not always marked out with a sign-post.
Below you’ll find a few Norwegian traffic rules to keep in mind:
  • Talking on the phone without the use of a hands-free while driving is prohibited.
  • Many of the roads are tolled, usually the major roads and a few tunnels and bridges. The toll is payable in cash. At some toll exit gates you will also be able to pay with an electronic pass. Your car rental company can help you with this.
  • You are required by Norwegian law to have the vehicle’s insurance papers in the car when driving. Make sure to check with your chosen car rental company for more information about this.
  • If you drive in Oslo with studded tired during the winter, you’ll have to pay a fee.