Car hire in Ireland

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Car hire in Ireland

Tips for a cheap car rental

With its dramatic scenery, quaint villages and fascinating history, Ireland has something for everyone. The island is popularly known as “the Emerald Isle”. Getting a rental car for your holiday in Ireland is a perfect way of getting around and seeing all corners of the island. Due to the size of the country, you can quite easily get from one end of the island to the other by car, and alon gthe way there will many amazing experiences.


There are certain rules and requirements that apply for car hire in Ireland. These rules may vary depending on the car hire firm you choose as well as the type of car you want to hire.

  • Most car rental firms have an age limit of 25 years.
  • You must have held a driving licence for at least a year.
  • Some car rental firms allow people car hire for people between 21 and 25 years old, but be prepared for an extra charge.
  • There might also be an extra charge if you are older than 75 years.

A lot of these things will depend on the car rental company you choose, so make sure to check the terms and conditions before booking.

Add-ons at booking

It is recommended that you add the extra equipment you want already when booking. The extra equipment can be things like child car seats or a GPS. Adding this to your booking will ensure that the equipment is available on site.

Driving in Ireland is a lot easier if you have a GPS. Many of the raods are both narrow and winding, and finding your way is not always easy.

Also be aware that by Irish law, children under 3 years old or shorter than 150 cm (about 4’9”) and 36 kg (about 5 st. 9 lb) must sit in a child car seat. Children under 12 musn’t sit in the front seat.

Driving in Ireland

Driving in Ireland is much like driving in the UK. The roads in Ireland are generally in good condition and well-maintained. If you head into the countryside, be prepared for small, narrow and winding roads that require the driver’s full attention.

Below is a list of a few Irish traffic rules to be aware of:

  • Driving while talking on or using the phone is strictly prohibited, unless you use a hands-free. Breaking this rule is heavily fined.
  • Some of the major roads in Ireland are tolled. Many car rental firms will help you with this by adding the toll cost afterwards. Some roads have manual toll stations where you can pay in cash. Check with your car rental firm to find out more.
  • At roundabouts and crossings without traffic lights or sign posts, the Priority to the right-rule applies, meaning that the driver coming from the right has priority. In other words, you must yield to drivers approaching from the right if there are no priority signs.
  • Pay attention not to park in no parking zones! Parking tickets are very high in Ireland and there are almost always  parking attendants circulating.
  • It is not uncommon for animals to walk freely on the roads in the countryside, so stay alert and stop for them.