Car hire in Thessaloniki

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Car hire in Thessaloniki

On this page you’ll find tips and advice on renting a car in Thessaloniki, and the cheapest rental cars at guaranteed lowest price. If this is your first time renting a car in Greece, please read our general tips on car hire in the country via the link below.

Car hire at Thessaloniki Airport

Thessaloniki International Airport Macedonia (airport code: SKG) is about 8 miles from the central parts of Thessaloniki, and is the third-largest airport in all of Greece.

Where to go around Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is in the northeastern part of Greece, and, therefore, very close to the sea. South of Thessaloniki you’ll find Halkdiki, a well-known peninsula that, in turn, consists of three other peninsulas. Together they are known as “The Three Fingers” due to their hand resembling shape. On these peninsulas, you’ll find loads to see and experience, all within a comfortable driving distance from Thessaloniki. Below we’ll mention a few of our favourite places.

Neos Marmaras
75 miles south of Thessaloniki is the stunning town of Neos Marmaras. This city is located on three hills right by the ocean. There are many beautiful beaches, and the town atttracts many tourists during the summer. Nearby, you’ll also find an impressive monastery, namely the Tripotamus, which is one of the few monasteries in the area that is open to visitors.

The picturesque little village of Hanioti is just over an hour’s drive from Thessaloniki. Besides quaint streets and houses, this village also has some fabulous beaches good for swimming and sunbathing. Furthermore, there are many small shops, restaurants and taverns worth visiting!

About a two-and-a-half-hour’s drive south of Thessaloniki is the beautiful National Park┬áDragoudeliou-Karra. This National Park gives you an extremely scenic route through a gorgeous, mountainous area. The views really are magical. There are also a few small villages in the Park that you can make stops in, and a very beautiful beach nestled among the mountains. However, please note that the roads in the Park are narrow and winding, so make sure to drive safe.