Car hire in Europe

Find the best price on car hire in Europe by comparing rental car firms. Change or cancel your reserveration for free. Insurance included.

Car hire in Europe

Renting a car in various countries in Europe is almost always simple and easy. As good as all car rental companies also allow you to pick the car up in one country, drive it across one or several borders, and drop it off in a different country.

Cheap rental cars

The cost for car rental varies between countries but it is, at least for the most part, cheap. The most popular countries will also have lower prices. Even for shorter trips, hiring a car is usually cheaper than combined taxi fares.

One-way car rental in Europe

There are car rental companies that offer one-way car hire between different countries in Europe. However, we do not recommend this as it will often be quite pricey. One-way car rental within a single country, on the other hand, is usually okay.

Road trips in Europe

There are many nice road trips around Europe.

Car hire in different countries in Europe

Below we’ve listed the European countries in which car hire is convenient. Click on the links to find out more about what to consider in each country. Some countries, e.g. Spain, require a bit of caution in order to not get scammed. However, you usually won’t run into any problems as long as you are prepared and informed.