Car hire in Canada

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Car hire in Canada

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Similar to the US

There are many similarities between car rental in Canada and car rental in the United States. For example, all cars are automatic, and you’ll generally get the cheapest prices at airports. The range of cars is usually very wide and you’ll also find that the rental cars are high quality.

Cheap petrol

The petrol prices in Canada vary between provinces. Alberta, for example, doesn’t have a petroleum tax. Nonetheless, petrol is usually around 1.2 CAD/liter in the major cities, which is quite cheap compared to the UK prices.

Driving in Canada

Canada is a very large country. The distance between Vancouver, British Columbia on the west coast and Toronto, Ontario on the east coast is more than 2700 English miles. Because of this, it’s natural that driving in the different parts of the country is dissimilar. One the whole, however, driving in Canada is much like driving in the US. Below you’ll find a list of things to keep in mind when driving in Canada.

  • One of the most important differences compared to the UK is that right turns are allowed at red lights. This is also the case in the US. Other than this, most of the important road signs are easy to understand. However, keep in mind that speed signs are in km/h and not mph.
  • The amount of traffic will largely depend on where in the country you are. In major cities like Vancouver and Toronto, for example, queues are very likely in or out of the city centre at rush hour as there are bottlenecks.

Discover Canada

Plan a road trip
Canada is the world’s second-largest country by total area. This means that there are many exciting road trip options. Most of the country’s 36 million inhabitants live in the south, quite close to the US border. If you head north instead, you are likely to see less people yet still gorgeous scenery.

Fantastic nature
Canada’s amazing nature is best enjoyed in the summer. If you really want to experience Canada, we recommend a road trip in British Columbia, starting in Vancouver. You’ll get to see both mountains and coast north of Vancouver.

It is not without good reason that skiing tends to be closely associated with Canada. The best and biggest ski resort is Whistler, which is 2 hours north of Vancouver by car. Whistler is well worth the drive. On the way you’ll also get some great views and even see a few beautiful lakes.